Wedding & Event FAQs

Do you have a minimum?

Our minimum order for custom event floral is $2,000 before tax and delivery. Our minimum for A La Carte wedding and event floral is $500 before tax and delivery.

Do I need to know my floral budget?

It is important to have an idea of your floral budget before you meet with potential florists. Knowing your budget prior to going into a consultation allows us to interpret your inspiration into a design that aligns with what you are comfortable spending. If you don't know where to start, 10-15% percent of your overall wedding or event budget is a good indicator.

Do I have to have a consultation?

Floral is infinitely customizable, and we want to make sure to get it right! Meeting in person allows us to get a better feel for your personality and vision; therefore, it is often necessary to have a consultation before we can provide you with an accurate quote for custom event floral. Smaller, a la carte orders may be placed online or over the phone/email.

How long is an initial consultation?

Initial consultations last approximately one to two hours depending on the number of items to be discussed.

Can I bring guests with me to my consultation?

Of course! You are more than welcome to bring whomever you like to your consultation as long as you are confident that your opinion will be voiced appropriately.

How do I book?

For custom wedding and event floral, a deposit equaling 50% of the proposed total as well as completion of a service agreement is required to secure services. We no dot reserve dates until these two items are in place.

Are payments refundable?

All deposit payments are non-refundable. Once you secure our services, we turn down all other possible orders which may conflict with the execution of your event, so we expect that you will honor your commitment as we will honor ours! Additionally, final balance payments are non-refundable once within 2 weeks of your event date. All A La Carte orders are final sale and non-refundable.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, money order, or direct deposit payments for custom wedding and event floral. Credit or debit card payments will be accepted with a 3% processing fee. We do not accept Venmo or Paypal payments for custom wedding and event orders.

When is my final balance due?

Your final balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the date of your event.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. The Rogue Rose is protected under general liability insurance. A copy of this coverage will be provided upon request.

What venues do you travel to?

Our general rule of thumb is that the venue must be within 1 hour driving distance from Downtown Dallas. Proposals for delivery outside of this radius may include costs related to meals and/or hotel accommodations.

Do you charge for delivery/setup?

Yes. The cost for delivery varies depending on the location and the amount of floral to be set up. This cost will be provided as a separate line item at the time that your event is proposed. Setup is not offered for A La Carte orders.

Do you pick up at the end of the event?

If you have booked our custom wedding and event floral services, teardown services will be included. This cost will be included in the line item for delivery/pickup unless it has been specified that a pick-up is not required. If you are renting any of our vases or décor items, we do require that a pickup be scheduled at the conclusion of the event.

Can I use my own vases/décor?

We have a wide range of vases and rental items that we have carefully selected to ensure the most effective and astecially pleasing result. Utilization of client containers with be asssed on a case-by-case basis. Please note that we cannot quote floral/decor in vases or containers that you do not currently own, as we need to know the exact size and shape of the vessel for design purposes. Any client provided vases should be delivered to our studio Monday - Wednesday the week of the wedding. Due to limited storage space, we cannot accept items any sooner than this. Additionally, transportation and set-up of any client supplied items that do not require floral design such as candles, table numbers, etc. should be handled by the client and/or wedding coordinator.

Where are you located?

In order to avoid retail space costs and offer you the best pricing available, we work out of a townhome-based studio located about a mile Northeast of Downtown Dallas.