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Who We Are 

The Rogue Rose is owned and operated by Ashley, the lead designer. We also have a fabulous team of flower-loving helpers who ensure that your event floral is produced and delivered without a hitch.


What We Do

The Rogue Rose offers custom floral designs to make your wedding or event that much more spectacular. When planning an event of any sort, it is important to take into account the reason for the gathering and how you want your guests to feel. With this in mind, we dream up unique designs that embody and portray your vision. Ashley has her hands in every aspect of this process, from the consultation, to ordering the flowers, to the production and delivery on the day of your event. By being present in each and every operation, Ashley ensures that the finished product is as perfect as you imagined.


Why We Do It

We've all heard it before - Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life. When we are working with flowers, time seems to disappear. It is an invigorating and exciting creative process that we hope to continue doing for a very long time, all while leaving our clients with fabulous memories of some of the most joyful moments of their lives.

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